Good evening. We are Monster Movie.

This is how we got to look this old:

In 1989 we (Christian Savill and Sean Hewson) were a couple of hairy sixth formers. We had no plans other than to avoid hard labour, grown-up emotions and deep thought. We formed a band called The Geeks that consisted of us on guitars and anyone else that could bear to stand near to us. We played anything that was in E. The Geeks became Eternal (not literally, we are still mortal) and we had a steady line-up and some OK songs. We put out a record on Sarah Records but Sean wasn’t on it so it didn’t go Top Ten. We performed one gig which was 90% guitar tuning, 10% confusion. Christian immediately left to join Slowdive… ..After Slowdive broke up we got the old band back together. We wrote some songs about sex toys and no one liked us. It was just like the old days. But it didn’t last. There were too many ideas and none of them were any good. .. ..It is 1999. We work in an office – we hate it. We try to listen to modern music – we hate it. So, we try to make the music we want to hear. We hate that too but decide to call ourselves Monster Movie and carry on with it anyway. In our minds we are a modern Krautrock band so we call ourselves after a Can album that we have never heard. In reality we are a pop band with weird bits. We write some songs and take the whole sorry mess down to Martin Nichols at The White House Studio. He makes it sound nice and fixes our guitars for us. Our demo becomes our first EP – Crash Landing. We follow that with a debut album called Last Night Something Happened. It’s pretty good. We then decide that we don’t need Martin’s help and record our second album – To The Moon – without him. It’s terrible – good songs, badly realised. We learn our lesson and run back to Martin. The next album (All Lost) is better. We also get Rachel Goldstar to do some singing for us. It seems that the less that we have to do with an album the better it is. .. ..2009/2010 saw our twentieth anniversary as a duo and our tenth as Monster Movie. We celebrated by recording a miserable album called Everyone Is A Ghost. On this album we also added Ryan Graveface to our band of chums. Ryan has long been our label boss but we decided that, as well as actually paying for our albums, he also has to make them sound better by playing and singing on them. .. ..As we embark upon our second decade of anonymity we have added more people: Sam Williams and Gregg Cox have agreed to play the drums and bass on our new album. We will be recording this with Martin in the Spring and Summer of 2011. It will be alright, you’ll see.


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