Rehearsals for new album – February 2011

Good evening.

We are currently rehearsing material for a new album.

In order to lower the average age of the band we have added two local children – Gregg Cox and Sam Williams – on bass and drums respectively. This is they:

Bad Boy Sam and Naughty Gregg

This is what we look like when Sean has a sit down during a tuning marathon:

And this is a tuning hat we have been working on (yeah, we’re funny):

So far we have nine songs: Trapped, Turning Bad, Lighthouse, The Kids Are Downtown, Crossed Out (Not Underlined), The Beaten Heart, Crush Me, It’s Your Whole World and an untitled one. They might not all make it onto the album and we’re still doing the lyrics so the titles may change, but we’re getting there.

Our first bout of recording will start at the end of March. We’ll then go away, have a think, have a sulk and then return to finish it off in the summer. We should also have Rachel helping out on vocals and Ryan being Eno. Martin Nichols will be engineering.

It will be alright, you’ll see.


About monster movie

christian savill and sean hewson. graveface band.
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